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Feb 17, 14February 17th Closed Beta Test

We are pleased to announce that the Closed Beta Test for Legend of Slayers will begin at 8:00pm (GMT-4) February 17th. Have fun and see you in game!
All the characters created during the test will be saved for future use.
Legend of Slayers is a cute turn-based MMORPG featuring refreshing graphics which can be very popular with players especially female players. The game mainly highlights the gameplay centering around companions, magic spells, guild and magic square. Call up loyal companions and guild mates, customize your own magic square, and conquer the fantastic world by powerful magic spells!
We will also start several events. For details of the events, check http://los.poppace.com/news/0217/1.html
To play Gods Rising on Facebook, visit:  https://apps.facebook.com/legendofslayers
The Wall of Gods Rising: https://www.facebook.com/legendofslayers